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Wee Scotland

Wee Edingburgh - A Mothers Travel Guide

Wee Edingburgh - A Mothers Travel Guide

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Are you planning a visit with your wee ones to the stunning capital city of Scotland? 

From the castle and the closes in Old Town to the busy and pulsating vibe of New Town, Edinburgh has it all! 

If you find the planning overwhelming, in the sea of lengthy articles, travel websites and hours of endless google searches that do not suit your needs as a family travelling with kids! Then this ultimate and straightforward family travel guide to Edinburgh is the perfect one for you! Filled with family-friendly activists, the best places to stay, eat, drink, and play with kids! Everything you need to make your trip unforgettable for the whole family. 


What Wee Edinburgh includes:

  1. A must-see list of all the most iconic sights, to the more hidden ones.
  2. A selection of the most kid-friendly museums in the city.
  3. Detailed information on how to get around the city- either by bus, tram or car.
  4. A list of the best play parks, soft plays and other unique indoor activities- that are a must when travelling with kids.
  5. Recommended areas to book your stay while in town!
  6. A list of where it’s best to bring your kids for a great meal and, of course, a good cup of coffee! 
  7. A Holiday edition! An overlook over what Edinburgh has to offer for families at Halloween, Christmas, and Hogmanay.
  8. Got more time to spare? I got you covered with activities and other areas worth exploring.
  9. A detailed linked map, where you find everything listed in the guide, is included. It makes getting important information about the attraction, booking tickets, finding places and creating directions easier.
  10. Checklist - tick off the places you have visited!
  11. Travel itinerary! Keep track of your plans and budget.
  12. Most importantly, a lifesaving list of activities for the kids to make walking and exploring enjoyable for everyone.


*Due to the digital nature of this product, it is non-refundable*

**All prices for the listed attractions etc., applied when the guide was written (winter 2023)**

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