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Wee Scotland

Wee Scotland- 7 Day's Travel Itinerary

Wee Scotland- 7 Day's Travel Itinerary

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Are you planning a visit with your wee ones to the magical and mystical country of Scotland? Then this is the perfect family-friendly travel guide for you!

From the historic capital to the enchanting Highlands, this iconic seven days travel itinerary covers all the must-sees and some hidden gems Scotland has to offer! Everything you need for the ultimate family trip!

This straightforward PDF guide will help you in the overwhelming sea of information and endless Google searches that don’t suit your needs as a family travelling with kids! Filled with family-friendly activists, how to get there, and the best places to eat, drink, and play! Pick and choose from the spots in the guide, or follow the itinerary to a tee. It is all up to you!

What this guide includes:

  1. Travel itinerary with the most iconic spots in Scotland. Follow it to the tee, or pick and choose to your liking.
  2. A careful selection of the iconic must-see and do for both kids and adults at each place.
  3. A selection of family-friendly restaurants and cafes at each spot.
  4. A list of recommended unique accommodations for each location.
  5. Recommended adventure parks, museums and trails for your wee ones.
  6. A detailed map that has everything you find listed in the guide sectioned into each day and location. Colour coordinated so it is easy to find and create directions.
  7. Your own Spotify playlist. Hours of great Scottish music, both old, traditional and new, and of course, complete with Scottish storytelling for the wee ones. Learn about the country’s most iconic legends and myths. Hours of good entertainment! A classic on our road trips, for sure!
  8. A complimentary “My Wee Day Trip Activity” booklet. Ten pages packed with various tasks to keep your wee ones busy on the bus, train, car, or while exploring.
  9. Travel itinerary. Great for budgeting and having complete control over your travels.
  10. Checklist! Take a trip down memory lane on your way back home. Check off and talk about the places you have visited. Which ones were your favourite? Etc.

*Due to the digital nature of this product, it is non-refundable*

**All prices for the listed attractions etc., apply when the guide is written- Winter 2023.

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